Tony Juliano - Photographer

1st Step is a "Doozy"

Interesting building, so many in this part of the city.

Bike Shop

I don't think richard is still around.


Legal paint in Kensington.

Cherokee Highway


Iron Gate

Coal Buster

Through the Mist


I love the dramatic lighting here



Mount Washington Auto Road

Ben Franklin Bridge

This is a re-shoot of an image I captured last week with another camera. Since then, I have been plagued with the memory of the very soft image of the bridge that I took that night. I didn't have a tripod with me, and as a result my hand-held. high-ISO photo - though composed well - just would not leave my mind. Tonight I resolved to get back down there and set it right. I hauled my good equipment this time (including a remote shutter release and tripod) and gave it another shot. I'm happy with the resultant image, it's much sharper then the previous one. The only thing thats amiss this time around is the absence of the moon that was present in the earlier photo. Oh well, you can't have it all.

Dat Flo

Love this "Cuts Dat Flo". Gritty and Urban, captured in the vicinity of 30th & Diamond - 'Nawf Philly' - "The Hood".

White Dog at Night

I like the lighting on this one. Sansom Street in Philadelphia.


Colorful tiles in the subway, center city Philadelphia.

Blast Furnace

Bethlehem Steel, once the most powerful symbol of American industrial manufacturing.


High ISO (6400), but clean as a whistle.


Double duty in Kensington

Only Up


Big Flamingo


Montreal 2013


Montreal 2013

Icy Alley